Picture shows Grout left to dry on the tile. Picture shows tiles after Grout has been removed with Tile Doctor Grout Clean-Up
     TILE DOCTOR ®           Grout Clean-Up
Tile Doctor Grout Clean-Up
Concentrated Acid Stone and Masonary cleaner
Grout Clean-Up contains concentrated phosphoric acid and cleaner designed to penetrate below the surface to remove light grout smears (grout haze), mineral deposits, rust stains and efflorescence. This product is also effective for the removal of most hard water stains, lime deposits and soap scum.

Recommended for use on masonry surfaces and acid resistant stone such as Cermamics, Porcelain, Sandstone and Slate.
This product is ideal for removing Grout Haze, you need to put it in a spray bottle and spray it on to the wall tiles, and use a rough pan cleaner to remove the haze. On the floor do the same but trying use a scrubbing brush, rinse down with water afterwards you may need to do this 2 or 3 times, to get a good result. If the problem is more that of general dirt and grime then use Heavy Duty Tile and Grout Cleaner first.

Method of Application
1.)Read entire label before using.
2.)TEST A SMALL AREA with a 24 hour cure time to determine the ease of application and desired results.
3.)Allow newly grouted installations to cure a minimum of 10 days.
4.)Pre-Wet surface with water
5.)Mix 1 part Concentrated Acid Cleaner to 10 parts water. A stronger solution may be used depending on nature of the task.
6.)Apply solution, allow to dwell 1 to 2 minutes and agitate with natural bristle brush or white nylon scrub pad. Remove solution within 5 minutes and do not allow to dry on surface.
7.)Remove the dirty solution using a wet-dry vac machine and then rinse thoroughly with clean water, agitating with white nylon scrub pad or brush to ensure removal of cleaning agent and acid.

Approximately 9m² to 27m² (100 to 300 sq. ft.) per 1 litre bottle depending on dilution.

Shopping Information
Tile Doctor Grout Clean-Up Acid Cleaner 1 litre
1 litre bottles at £11.00 each, postage & packing £7.50 (Incl.VAT) for 1 item, £10 (Incl.VAT) for two or more items.
Tile Doctor Grout Clean-Up Acid Cleaner 5 litre
5 litre bottles at £45.00 each, postage & packing £10.00 (Incl.VAT) for 1 or more items.

♦ Do not mix with ammoniated cleaners, such as bleach as harmful fumes will result.
♦ Acids of all kinds etch, lighten, or change the colour of cementitous material and some natural stones such as Marble and Limestone.
♦ Do not allow solution to come in contact with any non-recommended surface.
Handling & Storage
♦ Close container after each use.
♦ Store in original Container only.
♦ Unused, stored product is freeze-thaw stable.

♦ KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN ♦ Eye, skin and respiratory irritant.
♦ Contains phosphoric acid. ♦ Do not take internally
♦ Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection.

IF INGESTED:Do not induce vomiting. Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water, seek immediate medical attention.
INHALATION:Relocate to fresh air. If symtoms persist seek medical attention.
EYE CONTACT:Flush with water and seek medical attention.
SKIN CONTACT:Wash immediately with soap and water. If symtoms persist seek medical attention.