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Porous Grout

Asked by Gillian from Surrey: I am enquiring about grout sealing, the problem that I have is that the grout in our ensuite shower has become very porous, so much so that it leaked and caused the celing in the lounge below to become damaged, is there any way that the grout can be sealed so that it does not absorb the water from the shower, or is the only alternative to re-tile and re-grout the shower room.

TileProf says: All grout has to pass certain English and European standards before it can be sold, so I doubt your grout is leaking to a point where watercan get through. What we find when we investigate these problems is that their is often movement in the shower cubicle and the grout often leaves a Hairline crack between it and the Tiles, look carefully for it, where you find it apply fresh grout and then once it has dried apply some Tile Doctor grout sealer http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/GroutSealer.html, this will stop the dirt getting in and make it easier to clean. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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