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Easily stained Marble Tiles

Asked by John from Livingston: I have highly polished marble tiles on the floor and they stain quite easily, they were sealed prior to intallation and the srubbing that was done to try and remove the stains has left scuff marks and dull patches on the tiles. the marks and stains that are there appear to be below the surface of the tiles. do you have any suggestions

TileProf says: Best to hire a Buffing machine 350rpm or more and a Wet Vac as well, then buy a set of Burnishing pads http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/StoneBurnishingShop.asp. Start cleaning with the Red Twister pad first,add water and then Vac up afterwards, then use the White Twister, vac up, then Yellow Twister, Vac again, clean the grout lines at this time, leave to dry and then do a final dry polish with a little bit of water and a Green Twister pad. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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