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Protecting Green Marble tiles on a Terrace

Asked by Steve Hollis from West Midlands: we have marble tiles on our terrace, they have been down for ten years, can you suggest something to seal and protect them. They are in southern Spain so its very hot. Thanks

gpslancaster says: As the name suggests Polished Marble is best Polished not sealed, its the polishing that gets the shine and makes it easier to clean not the sealer as Polish Marble doesnt take to sealing. To achieve the shine you will need to use a set of Burnishing pads http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/StoneBurnishingShop.asp, you will alse need a Buffing machine which you should be able to hire locally, apart from that just add water, start with the White pad, remove the dirty water and then repeat with a the Yellow Pad, remove the water again and this time leave to dry and add only a little water from a spray bottle and then use the Green Twister pad for a Nice high shine. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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