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Streaks on Granite kitchen floor

Asked by ebrahim from london: We have put granite tiles in our kitchen floor and no matter what we do they don't stay clean[:(], they keep getting footprints on the and after we mop up streaks are left. Could you advise how to clean them thank you

TileProf says: If your Tiles are polished then they are sensitive to certain cleaning agents, such as Bleach, Flash, washing up liquid etc, these can damage the Polish make the Tiles go dull and cause smears. To resolve you will need high speed buffing machine, 400rpm or more and a Wet Vac Machine, also a set of Burnishing pads http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/StoneBurnishingShop.asp. You can start with the Red Twister pad, and then buff each Tile and then Vac this up, follow on with the White Twister pad, then Vac, then the Yellow, then vac again. once fully dry use the Green Twister pad, and add little bit of water from a water spray bottle and polish this until you get the shine back. PS. use a Green Twister pad every time you need to top up the polish, we sell all these products on the website, you can get the buffing machine from any decent Hire shop. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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