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Slate Problem in 1930 house

Asked by Helen from Cardiff: Hi, I've recently moved into a 1930's house which has the original pale green rectangular wall tiles and slate bath side panel. The tiles are not a completely flat surface, they have a slight ripple effect relief and many of them are stained through black condensation marks, soap scum etc. I've tried cleaning them but every product I use is to harsh and is leaving a bleached effect...I think I also scrubbed to vigirously! The tiles have a chalky surface and some seem more glazed than others. What can I use to clean them and also bring up the colour and protect them. Can the same product be used on the slate panel too? Thanks in advance!

TileProf says: If your Tiles are an Original Victorain Style effect then the Green Tiles with be imbued with a copper Oxide which is very sensitive to Alkaline and Acid Cleaners like Cilit bang, the result is a white bloom on the surface as the copper Oxide reacts to the chemical, they dont make the Tiles like this anymore du to this problem, you can only use warm water to clean these Tiles, and they cant be sealed, apart from maybe with a Grout sealer, we sell such a one in a spray bottle on the website, link below: http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/GroutSealer.html Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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