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Whitish colour on Terracotta.

Asked by Katherine from West Glamorgan: We have terracotta tiles which have been placed for the last 25 years. They recently started to show a whitish colour which is spreading rapidly, we have drilled down through one of the tiles but there doesn't seem to be any damp. Can you help solve our problem, please.

TileProf says: Have you started to use a new cleaner because the white stuff could be the old sealer being attacked by an agressive cleaner, such as Flash, Domestos etc, even wasing up liquid can have this effect on a sealed Tile. For sealed floors you should use instead a Neutral cleaner for aftercare such as Tile Doctor Neutral Cleaner, see link below: http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Tile-Stone-Cleaner.asp Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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