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Sealing a Sandstone fire surround

Asked by charlie from yorkshire: Hi - i am about to have a sandstone fire surround made. I am loking for a product that i can apply to it that will mean that ash won't stain it and can be wiped off. Do your products fit the bill? There will be a wood burning stove installed.

TileProf says: If it's a rough Sandstone use a Topical sealer such as Tile Doctor Seal and Go, it has a satin based finish that will enhance the colour of the stone. If the Sandstone is a smooth you would be best to use Tile Doctor Ultra-seal, links to products below: * http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/TD-Seal-Go.html * http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/TD-Ultra-Seal.html Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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