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Slate Problem

Asked by Gavin & Lesley Scott-Brooker from Cheshire: Hi - wonder if you could suggest anything ? We have a rough hewn slate tile floor laid in our kitchen, which appears to be grouted with cement mortar. The tiles just look permanently dull and dirty - we've spent a fortune in the past on fired earth cleaning and sealing products and also tried lithofin - it stays shiny for about 3 weeks then its just dull and horrible again. Walking across the floor also makes feet and socks dirty! We really want a hi-shine / gloss finish - i guess a bit like a "wet look", but it also needs to be durable as its in the kitchen which is a throughfare through the house and we have a daft labrador so it needs to withstand being mopped.... Is there anything we can clean / seal the floor with which is long lasting ? Thanks G & L

TileProf says: We have developed a special one off treatment for Rough Slate, what we can do is to mill it down with our machine and make it into Riven Slate, which still retains its character but takes about 85% of the roughness out, after that we clean them and apply either a Satin or High Shine Sealer. The system we use also takes out a lot of the lippages as well so can prevent any trip problems you may be having. If this is what you require then let me know the surface area and then we can give you a Quote. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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