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Badly scratched Marble from grouting

Asked by May Brown from Airdrie, Scotland: We have had Natural Stone marble floor tiles laid in our bathroom last week but during grouting the tiles have been badly scratched. The scratches are very fine but every tile is affected. Also, after cleaning the tiles were sealed and we were told to buff them up after an hour with a soft cloth but no matter how much we try to buff them up the tiles are streaked. I want to remove them and buy something else but they cost a lot and I'd like to know if there is anything we can do to make them look as they are supposed to. Can you advise?

TileProf says: Thanks for the e-mail, quite a common problem, the Tiler should have used a softer grained Grout like Mapei Ultra-colour, a lot of standard grouts have an angular sand which can scratch the Tile if it is a soft or Polished Glaze. What needs to be done is to have The Tiles re-polished, this will take of most of the scracthes and then newly applied Sealer, as a result the The Tiles will have a glossier finish as a result of this Polishing and then you can have them re-sealed; the sealer should only be left on for 5 minutes before the excess is removed not an hour. PS. we have Trained Tile Doctors in Scotland if you require their services. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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