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Kitchen designer recommendations

Asked by Terri Lynn from Coggeshall, Colchester, Essex: Hi I want to install a limestone floor in the kitchen and I am getting conflicting advice what are your thoughts on having a Limestone floor in the kitchen, also my interior desginer has just desinged our new kitchen and the worktops they suggest are Slate I am getting conflicting advice on this what are your thoughts on Burlington slate as a work top in a kitchen kind regards Terri

TileProf says: The two most Tiles that we are called out to clean are Terracotta and Limestone, so if you want a High Maintenance floor Tile then Limestone is it, Honed or Tumbled Marble is a lot more durable and easier to work with and more forgiving, Polsihed Marble will need to be polished once a year so that is high maintenance as well. but if I was buying a floor Tile I certainly wouldnt buy Limestone. Slate worktops come in different qualities, Burlington is one of the best as Slate goes, but again if it was my choice I would buy Granite, it doesnt shale off like I have seen Slate to do. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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