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Wax on Terracotta

Asked by pazanne levingston from leigh on sea essex: Hello, we have lay our new terracotta tiles and assumed we would pick the traditional method to maintain them but after researching on the internet it seems this is hard work especialy in a busy house with children and a dog. I have already applied one layer of 50/50 linseed oil and white spirit and two layers of neat boiled linseed oil . Is it now possible to apply the sealer rather than a traditional wax,as I have read the wax builds up and becomes sticky. I don't like the tiles the pale salmon colour they were which is one of the reasons i chose the traditional route as someone said this would make them much richer and darker. What would you advise ?

TileProf says: Seal and Go is water based so won't work well on top of an Oil based sealer, best to put wax on top of it, like a couple of coats of Bees wax. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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