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Dull and dirty kitchen Slate floor

Asked by Rachel Woodyard from Dartford, Kent: When have a slate floor in the kitchen which was already laid prior to us moving in. The floor looks very dull and dirty no matter how often it is cleaned. We ultimately would like a shiny finish and was wondering the best way to do this. We are going to re-grout the floor. Many thanks.

TileProf says: We have heard this problem for many years now, and even in the past when we have been out to clean and Seal them it can still be a problem for the customer for aftercare as the dirt gets stuck in the rough parts of the tile and then it builds up as it doesn't get cleaned out properly and then the Rough Slate can look pretty bad again before long. Their is an answer though which is a one off treatment called Milling, which smooths the Rough Slate down by about 80 to 85% it will still retain its character, but it will be a lot smoother, and a lot easier for you to clean afterwards and forevermore after that, if you require I can organise your local Tile Doctor to pop round and take a look. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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