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Acheiving a high gloss finish on Marble

Asked by Peter Jackson from Seaham: I have just had marble tiles put down in my kitchen (Star Galaxy). Some of the tiles have a high gloss finish and some have a dull sheen to them. I would like them all to be a high gloss finish. Is there anything I can do to get this effect. The Tile company says that this is not thier problem as it is a natural product. Please help I have spent a fortune on these tiles.

TileProf says: Sounds like you have a Vitrified Tile ,< High Gloss > mixed in with a Honed Tile < semi gloss > if so then it was the Tilers responsibility to recognise the problem. The Retailer by law won't accept any fault once the Tiles are fixed, even though it was them that supplied the two different types of Tiles, from what you have said. The best thing to do is have them either lifted and relaid or Re-polished, we have a Tile Doctor near Newcastle http://tyneside.tiledoctor.co.uk who can do this for you. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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