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Shiny finish on Limestone kitchen floor required

Asked by scott from Derby: Hi, I have a limestone floor in my kitchen which was sealed last year when it was put down but its never really looked that good. Anything that is dropped tends to absorb and is difficult to clear off. I would like a really strong cleaner to get rid of all the marks and put a better shiny finish instead of a dull marked finish!! HELP!!![:(]

TileProf says: To restore the shine you will need to use our burnishing pad system, with a buffing machine, you will also need a Wet Vac as well, you can hire both of these from any Decent Hire shop. Click onto the page below for instructions http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/StoneBurnishingShop.asp Once clean allow to dry and then apply 2 coats of Tile Doctor Ultra-seal. For regular aftercare cleaning use Tile Doctor Neutral Tile Cleaner. If you need a Tile Doctor to do this work for you we have a Guy called Steve Keary who covers your area, simply click onto the Home service page below and fill out your details, he should contact you within 24 hours. http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/HomeService.asp Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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