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Neglected Sandstone Flagstones

Asked by allan kerr from cockermouth: I have an unusual floor in our dining room which is made up of sandstone flag stones each roughly about 70cm x 50cm and about 3cm thick - probably the original floor (1870's). We moved in 10 years ago and have neglected to clean the floor. It is covered in paint splashes, remains of glued down 70's lino and general dirt and grime. Could you recommend a cleaning product (or a company) to revitalise my floor. Regards Allan

TileProf says: If you want to do it yourself we have all the information you need on our website under Sandstone cleaning. http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Sandstone.html Or we can offer a service where we can do it for you, if you let us know the surface area, i.e 10ft by 20ft and maybe a picture of two of the floor, then we can price it up this way. We can also offer a Milling service where we can remove 5 to 8mm of the surface to make them smoother and easier to clean in the future, this process also lifts the colour of of the Stone as well, so they can look a lot brighter when it comes to sealing them. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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