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Difference between Pro-Clean and Remove and Go?

Asked by helen hillier from pontypool gwent: what is the difference between Pro-Clean and Remove and Go? I have terracotta tiles in kitchen/hall/Lou/and Porch all on one floor. The fto get loor is quite grubby looking (installed 9 years ago) my question is do I use the Pro-Clean or Remove and Go?? to get good results before applying Seal and Go. Also I wanted to do an area at a time say the porch can I do it without hiring a vac machine? as you hire for the day!! The floor is so porous I dries very quickly. thank you

TileProf says: It really depends what Polish or sealer is on your Tiles whether or not you should use Pro-clean or Remove and Go, usually with Terracotta it is a Polish or a wax, so Pro-clean is the preferred cleaner. Scrub the Pro-clean into the Tiles after mixing it 1 to 5 with warm water, wear some marigolds and give the Tiles a good scrub, you will need a Wet Vac though you cant clean Terra-cotta without one, rinse after cleaning with water, leave to dry and then re-seal, 9 coats of Sela and Go will suffice. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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