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Wrong sealer on Sandstone floor

Asked by Frankie Jefferies from Fleet: I have had a new sandstone floor laid and the tiler has put the wrong sealant on which doesnt work, the floor is completely porous. I would like advice on what equipment I could hire to clean the floor and what products I should buy from to clean and seal the floor

TileProf says: Sandstone does require a lot of Sealing. You can hire a Wet Vac Machine from any Hire Shop, this help take of the Sealer residue. First you will need some of our Remove and Go and some Nano Clean, mix together 50/50 then apply to the Sandstone, a gallon of each will cover 25m2 on average. Leave this in place for at least an hour and then use a deck brush and some warm water to lift up the old sticky residue, use your wet Vac at this point to suck it up. Then rinse with cold water a couple of times, deck scrub the floor as well, to make sure no residue or sealer is left. Repeat process if necessary. Once clean and dry < usually next day > apply 4 to 5 coats of Tile Doctor Seal and Go, for a colour enhanced Satin finish. p.s we have Tile Doctors Throughout the Country if you need a professional to help you with this problem. click onto www.tiledoctor.co.uk and fill in the info required on the Home survey page.

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