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Paint stains on old French Terracotta

Asked by helen moreau from london and france: would much appreciate advice re following; some irresponsible tennants left a massive amount of paint stains on old french terracotta tiles, I believe the paint is water based, could you advise on how to rmove the paint, then clean and restore the tiles. many thanks Helen moreau

TileProf says: To remove the paint you will need to apply Remove and Go http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Remover.html, best to pre-wet the tiles first, then take off the excess water before you use this product, Terra-cotta is very Porous and The Remove and Go is quite Viscous and can stick in the pores if it is not thoroughly wetted first. Also have a read of our dedicated Terracotta web page http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Terracotta.html, it will explain how to maintain these tiles going forward. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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