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Victorian Quarry tiles with smoke damage

Asked by Lyn from Oxfordshire: Hello, we've got Victorian quarry tiles with smoke damage from a neighbours chimney fire. The smoke came down our chimney and filled the room. I've washed them down many times and got lots of surface black off, but they are still very dark and greasy looking. What products and what methods should we try? Would steam cleaning work? We cleaned the tiles and sealed them with linseed oil about 8 years ago. Thanks!

TileProf says: Best to try some Tile Doctor Pro-clean, mixed in 50/50 with Tile Doctor Nano Clean, add 5 times this volume in water, leave for 20 minutes and then scrub the floor, rinse with water and yuou should get a visible result, leave to dry and then re-seal with 4 coats of Seal and Go. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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