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Stains on Limestone floor

Asked by Charles Wilson from Muswell Hill London: Last weekend and this weekend we have laid 3/4 of a limestone floor 20m2 in our new extension only to find out the tiles haven't been sealed underneath. We have just found this out and had assumed they were. Anyway, We are now seeing staining from dot and dab on the tiles, in some areas that the adhesive had to be slightly thicker. We are wondering if the stains will actual dry out more in a week or two - we used the flexible Bal white adhesive. Question is there something we can use, first before we seal the top of the tile before we then grout[?] Something that would remove and lift out round stains[?]

TileProf says: It sounds like You have done everything right, to seal underneath isn't a good idea as it will stop the Adhesive soaking into the Tile and thus they can Debond after a while. You used a white based Floor adhesive, so that was good, your only problem is The Limestone itself, it sounds like it is extremely porous if the White Adhesive is making an impact, it may be just that a lot of moisture has seaped into the Pores and this will need to dry out before you notice it starts to fade, not a lot really you can do after that as you have done everything right so far. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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