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Mustard coloured tiles covered by carpet for years

Asked by Doug Watt from South Woodchester, Gloucestershire: Hi. I have just bought an old house. There are attractive Victorian plain tiles of a mustard colour in the kitchen. But they have been covered for years by a carpet which was glued to them with bitumen [?] I can scrape lumps off but the black colour is deeply ingrained in an uneven way due to traffic in the room. Any ideas?

TileProf says: Thanks for the e-mail, best to use two products and mix them together 50/50, these would be Remove and Go and Nano-clean, apply to the area in question, leave to soak for at least an hour, and then scrub the floor with warm water, use a Wet Vac if you have one and then rinse the floor with water, hopefully you will have a result, and you can then apply some sealer, you can use Seal and Go for this, 4 coats should do it. If you find you are struggling then it maybe time to call out a Tile Doctor, we cover the Whole of the U.K Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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