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Obligatory Swedish light grey grout

Asked by Lesley from Sweden: Hi I am a Brit in Sweden. I have just had a new bathroom built and specified the grout for the floor tiles but not the wall tiles. Mistake, the obligatory Swedish light grey grout is between them and looks awful. These tiles are white and I want the grout to be white. Will the aquamix colourant product be useable? What do I need to ask about the grout to find out what I can do? Thank you.

TileProf says: Sounds like the Aquamix Grout colouring product http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/GroutColourant.html will be the answer, you won't need to apply a pre-treater if the grout is new, simply apply it with an old Toothbrush, and scrub off the excess if any gets on the Tiles. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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