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Remove the excess grout from uneven surface

Asked by Steve Hall from Sunderland: Hi doctor, i have recently instaslled 1" x 1" natrual stone tile in my kitchen. These tiles have an uneven surface and after grouting and cleaning these uneven surface still grout filled. I have being using a scrubbing brush with little success, can you reccommend the best product to remove the excess grout

TileProf says: The only thing that will work is an acid based product such Tile Doctor Grout Clean Up http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/AcidCleaner.html, that's if the Grout was a cement based grout and not the flexible type, if it was the latter then Use Remove and Go http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Remover.html first, follow the instructions on the bottle and then use the Grout Clean Up afterwards. NB.. Grout clean Up is Acid based and will damage your stone if you leave it to dwell to long, so the trick is to use on a small area first and only leave it on the Tiles for only a minute and then rinse off, the Acid should make the Grout haze bubble as soon as it is applied and then you need to scrub at them and add water after a minute to dilute the Acid, but always test a small area first. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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