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Grouting reclaimed Victorian Quarry tiles

Asked by Rasheeda Dawson from Wolverhampton: We have just had laid some reclaimed victorian red quarry tiles. We have some already in the hall grouted in black. On applying the grout it has soaked into the tile. I think we needed to seal them first. However, can we salvage the 70+ tiles by removing the grout in any way? No amount of scrubbing make any difference because it is now in the tile.

TileProf says: All you can do at this point is try some Acid, such as Grout Clean Up http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/AcidCleaner.html, folow the instructions on the back of the bottle, apart from the bit about pre-wetting, best on this occasion to try this product neat and scrub straight away, then rinse with water after cleaning, if that doesnt work then nothing will. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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