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Mixed results with Quarry Tile appearance

Asked by kevin jones from ohio, usa: We installed quarry tile and grouted with epoxy grout. There was some residue that we cleaned with an epoxy paint remover. However it seems as if the tile is "stained". Some seem "glossy". Others are just light/dark spots. Any solutions?

TileProf says: If the Quarry Tiles were not sealed before grouting the Epoxy could have got into the molecules of the Tiles and will prove very difficult to get out, you will need a Wet Vac Machine and a Sealer remover product to get rid of this. Pour The sealer remover on the tiles, cover with a Polythene sheet, Tamper it down until you get rid of all the Big air pockets,leave in place for about 2 hours, then peel of the Polythene, and brush the area with Warm water and then Vac it up. Clean off any chemical leave to dry and then apply 4 coats of sealer. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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