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Water marks on Brazillian slate tiles

Asked by Rick from Cornwall: Our Brazillian slate tiles in our en-suite bathrooom were originally sealed with 50/50 linseed oil and white spirit. Although the walls are still ok we have a few water marks on the floor that we cannot remove with natural stone cleaners, plus a few scratches where spots of paint were removed after redecoration. What do you suggest to bring the tiles back to their original state and how should we then re-seal them?

TileProf says: Best to try either Pro-clean or Remove and Go to get rid of the Oil and Spirits, havent used linseed oil or white spirit for sealing slate before so not sure which one will work the best. Try a proper Slate sealer such as Seal and Go for a nice low sheen finish, or High Shine if you want it glossier. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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