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Issues with Chinese Porcelain

Asked by Ken from Toronto: bought chinese matte porcelain tile and no matter what i do the finish in any window and door light looks hazy, dull and streaky. i've tried every haze remover acid and detergent with no luck. i've polished and even sanded them with an industrial floor machine. i'm ready to put a topical finish on them or rip them out along with my hair. imho never put in an unpolished tile

TileProf says: Thanks for the e-mail, we get a lot of complaints about Chinese Porcelain, and we are based in England, so its not just Canada where it's a problem. Speaking generally, I would take your complaint up with the retailer as they are most likley to be faulty, we may be wrong about this but we have no luck in England when it comes to fixing them, if you do get lucky, let us know what worked for you. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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