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Quarry Tile Problem

Asked by craig from bristol: Hi, I'm half way through trying to clean up some quarry tiles i found in my hallway under a load of c***py rubber tiles. i've managed to scrape up all of the old rubber tile adhesive and the layer of cement they put down to skim the floor level. but i was just wondering about the best way to now get the tiles looking as good as i can again. i've been looking at your "seal and go" stuff. and i've also been looking at some red floor tile polish. I was wondering which way round these two should be applied or if they even can be applied together? thanks.

TileProf says: Seal and Go does not work with other Sealers and Polishers, all you will need is 4 coats of Seal and Go to do a good job. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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