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Cement tiles have been sanded!!!!!

Asked by Andy Mather from London: Hi there. I am working on a job at the moment that has had cement tiles laid in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway. I wasnt on the job when the tiler laid the tiles but there were a few white-ish marks around the edges of the tiles and the client wasnt happy. I was told by my boss to get a random orbital sander and sand back the tile and re-wax them only to find that the wax disappears on the sanded part of the tile and sits on top of the waxed part of the tile. The tiles are cement tiles from Emery and Cie as well as using there bees wax. Is there anything you could to help. Do you have anyone in London that could pop by. Im very worried that having sanded the tiles I have ruined them. Cheers Andy

TileProf says: Thanks for the e-mail, however we would be unwilling to get involved once Sanding has occurred as this would have permanently damaged the Concrete, it would need to be professionally re-coated by the people who laid, not sure that Wax is the right product for this type of material, a solvent based sealer is far superior to wax and it wouldn't have had the white wax come back up. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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