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Removal of polyurathane and resealing.

Asked by Mr. G. Entwistle from East Anglia: The original tiles were a Welsh glazed quarry tile (second hand)used inside the house. These were sealed using polyurathane varnish. Owing to recent water damaged the polyurathane is peeling off. The original polyurathane finish was never 100% satisfactory and conventional floor polishing was not really successful. I would appreciate some advice on removing any remaing varnish and applying something which will give the tiles a permanent sheen

TileProf says: Use Tile Doctor Remove and Go mixed 50/50 with Tile Doctor Nano-clean, apply to the Tiles in question and then leave to soak for an hour or so, after that you will need a deck brush and some warm water and also the use of a Wet Vac as well, to suck up the residue left over from the Varnish. We have Tile Doctors who can do this for you if your interested, let us have your postcode and I will put you in touch with the nearest Tile Doctor. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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