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Asked by David Walden from WEST BERKSHIRE: A limstone, polished flax tile has been laid on my kitchen floor with maufatcurers grout and adhesive. The tiles were sealed before grouting with 2 coats of sealer (FILA MP 90) after. From day one, the tiles started to stain, a spill on the tile was immediatey wiped with a non-acidic cleaner,but the spill laft a stain.I have tried FILS PS 87, to no avail.The tils were purchased from Manadrin Stone of Marlow in Buckinghamshire. Ouite honestly, i feel the choice of tile was a very poor one. Manadarin of Marlow have been less than helpful but Manadarin at Head office are very good and trying to help sort, has anyone else experienced problems of this nature Regards? Can you advise?

TileProf says: Some Limestone we classify as HCC, which means High Calcium Content, these tiles cannot be sealed as it would be like trying to seal Flat Chalk, which is what it is basically, if this is the case such may have to take recourse with Mandarin Stone. Having said this, the basics need to be applied first; I'm not familiar with The MP90 or 87; I know of the firm but we avoid those product as they are strong solvent based which can give you Headaches if you use them too often. It may be best if you had the stone porosity content diminished, this can be done with a buffing machine <high speed > and a set of twister pads, then the stone can be re-sealed afterwards. This would be your best option, however if these Tiles are H,C.C then this system will need to be addressed every 6 to 12 months or so depending on where and tear. This would need to be done by a Professional , we have Trained Tile Doctors who can do this for you as we cover most of the U.K at present.

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