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patches on newly sealed floor

Asked by Emma Smith from Cambridge: sandstone floor was cleaned and sealed, looked realy good, day later patches appeared, thought it may be excess sealant but would not clean off with the recommened product. Any Ideas?

gpslancaster says: From what you have told me I would hazzard a guess that there might be a damp issue. This could happen if there is no Damp Proof course. Alternatively this could happen if the Sandstone was cleaned and sealed in the same day thus not allowing the stone to dry sufficiently before being Sealed (A common problem with Most Stone). I would recommend that you see what happens over the next 5 or 6 days, if it gets worse then it's probably a damp problem, if it clears up then nothing to worry about. Worst case is it will have to be stripped of it s sealer again and re-done with a breathable sealer, we have a Tile Doctor who covers Cambridge if you require this service. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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