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Ideas to enhance colours

Asked by Toni from Bedfordshire: I have been srtipping my hall tiles with Pro-Clean sripper, I have to use it almost undiluted to remove years of sealer snd polish. I just wondered of there is a product i can put on the bare tiles to enhance the colour before applying the new sealer.

gpslancaster says: Pro-clean is good at getting rid of wax and acrylic based sealers and also dirt removal, it will struggle to get rid of a Solvent or water based Sealer, Remove and Go would do a better job of this, it just depends what type of sealer was put on your Tiles initially. Seal and Go is a colour enhancer, if you have a rough Stone, Victorian floor Tiles, Quarry or Terra-cotta then this sealer would be the right one as it will seal and enhance at the same time. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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