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tiles with carpet backing stuck to them

Asked by Martin Dunford from Horning, Norfolk: Dear Tile Doctor We recently pulled up a carpet in our dining room and discovered a terracotta-tiled floor underneath. We would like to restore it but two-thirds of it is covered in 3mm-thick, black, hessian-like backing from the carpet laying. It is completely stuck to the tiles. Is it worth trying to get if off and, if so, how? Thank you for your help.

gpslancaster says: It won't be an easy project but a product called Remove and Go and another one called Nano-clean will do it, mix it 50/50 and then leave for an hour and then with a wet Vac handy, scrub the floor with a stiff deck brush and some warm water, and this should be soft enough now to be removed with the Wet Vac, if only partially successful then finish off with a wall paper steamer, and rinse again with water, leave to dry and then apply 7 to 9 coats of Seal and Go sealer. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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