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Should we lay limestone tiles for kitchen floor?

Asked by Khurshed from Leicester: Hi, I am seriously considering laying limestone tiles on my kitchen floor, love the look of the samples in the showrooms, however looking through the limestone section, there seem to be so many people with issues of stains either straight away or shortly after laying limestone tiles. It's quite off putting. Is it really wise to go with limestone flooring in the kitchen?

gpslancaster says: I would say if you want a low maintenance floor tile then buy a Grade 4 Ceramic or a good quality Porcelain (from a decent Tile Shop, not the Hardware store shops see http://www.tiledirectory.co.uk/ ) Limestone is the Softest of all the Stones and so best avoided, if you have your mind made up on Stone then buy a Marble, this is a tough Metamorphic Stone unlike Limestone which is a soft Sedimentary Stone. To seal these type of Stones try Two coats of Tile Doctor Ultra-seal for a nice low sheen finish. http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/TD-Ultra-Seal.html Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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