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Floor won't shine for long

Asked by Magaly spawforth from Rugby: I have the same Brazilian riven Slate stone floor shown on your website. My floor is just not as shiny. Can you please tell me what to do use to get the same results as your photo. Thank you. Magaly spawforth

gpslancaster says: For best results take off the old sealer with Tile Doctor Remove and Go first, rinse with water and use a Wet Vac to get up all the old sealer solution. Then clean with Pro-clean, rinse again and wet Vac again, leave to dry overnight and then once fully dry apply 4 coats of Tile Doctor High Shine Sealer, leave each coat to dry before applying the next one (usually 35 to 40 minutes in room temperature). Click onto this link for more info http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Slate.html, where you may be going wrong is the aftercare of the Slate as all Sealers need a certain type of cleaner (like Tile Doctor Neutral cleaner) and a cleaning technique as well, click onto http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Tile-Stone-Cleaner.asp and follow the Video to best explain this system. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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