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Tiles under carpet caked in bitumen, glue and dirt

Asked by Amanda from Leicestershire: We have discovered some very old quarry tiles under our hall carpet. Sadly they have been daubed with bitumen and we are also tackling carpet adhesive and years of ingrained dirt. We have managed to remove a good percentage of the bitumen using meths and a paint scraper but there are still deposits left, mainly near the skirting where we can't get in to scrape so well. There are large adhesive patches and two tracks along the length of the hall from some adhesive tape which won't budge. Obviously the dirt is moving with all the scrubbing but there are some areas of ingrained which are reluctant! This is an area of high traffic (children and pets) so we are constantly fighting against that too therefore need to get the job done and the area sealed asap. Your help and advice would be appreciated.

gpslancaster says: Try a 50/50 mix of Nano-clean and Remove and Go, leave in place for at least an hour and then scrub the floor with a brush and some warm water, scrape it off if necessary but the Remove and go will soften the bitumen and old carpet glue allowing you to do the rest of the cleaning and get a good result on your floor. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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