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Asked by ian from scotland: i have a old quarry tile floor that i have just layed. the tiles are NOT absorbant, i have done a porosity check and after 20mins no water had absorbed into the tiles. they are all the same type of tile ,the base and sides are the same on every tile ie clay, but the top surface is coloured (about 8 different colours). the surface is obviously some sort of different finish, very hard and thin as some corners of the tiles are worn through to the underlying clay material. what product do i need to give a nice enhanced hardwearing shine ? when the tiles have been cleaned with water and still damp the colours seem more "enhanced" or "deeper" this is what we are after with a shine : ) regards thanks

gpslancaster says: Best to try a Topical Sealer such as Tile Doctor Seal and Go, which will give them a lift of colour and also a Satin Finish after 4 coats. Test First as the fact that they are not porous indicates that they may already be sealed, or hard to seal. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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