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Tile has lost natural shiny granite

Asked by Hayley Halls from Milton Keynes: Hi, My builder has sealed our granite floor and have been up to clean it. I washed it with warm water and soft cloth and there seems to have a residue still on there. I tried using washing up liquid in water and then re-washed it and still exactly the same! Any suggestions. As it doesn't look very nice.

gpslancaster says: Sealing Polished Stone takes a bit of skill and knowledge about the subject before you can get a satisfactory finish, Builders as a rule are not familiar with these Types of Stones and if they use the wrong sealer or don't take of the excess it will probably leave you with what you have now, a mess. To resolve and get the result you require the Polished Granite will need to re-polished, if you need a Tile Doctor to do this, click onto the following link http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/HomeService.asp and fill in the form. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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