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Indoor fountain. Algea appears after 2 days

Asked by John Bell from Aberdeen: Have sealed with product from Posh Floors, on indoor water feature in conservatory. Have also used fountain algea cleaner, and domestos. Fountain holds 15 liters of water which is continually circulating. We are getting a brown residue on the inside and outside, but not over the whole fountain. Any help would be appreciated.

gpslancaster says: Not sure which Sealer you have used from Posh floors so I can only help you so far, but not all sealers are suitable in a wet environment especially where harsh cleaners are being used to neutralise other agents, such as Algae and Moss etc. Would contact Posh Floors again and tell them of your concerns and see what they say about it, it might be that the curing time from sealing to filling the pool with water wasn't enough and that the sealer hasn't had time to cure properly, it could also be the wrong sealer for that enviroment. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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