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Granite tile shine

Asked by Alan from Glasgow: Hi I have Granite tiles in both my kitchen and bathroom and i find it very difficult to keep them clean. They always look dull and greasy. Any suggestions for a cleaning solution that will allow them to keep a shine? Thanks

gpslancaster says: Granite needs to be polished, it doesn't like chemicals as Granite is not very porous and too much chemical can lead to a build up. Click oon the link below for our Granite page: http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Granite.html You will need to hire a Buffing Machine and Wet Vac and try a set of Burnishing pads, alternatively click on the link below and fill in your details and we will send out a Tile Doctor to do the Job for you http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/HomeService.asp Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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