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sealing new matt marble mosaic tiles

Asked by Ms Ince from Derby: Hello, I am arranging to have some hexagonal mosaic marble tiles as part of my bathroom rennovation: The tiles are white with occassional grey veins and I would like to use grey grout as a contrast. What procedure for sealing should my installer use to avoid staining of the tiles during and after installation?

gpslancaster says: First off all make sure the adhesive is a White colour, not a Grey as this will shadow the back of the Tiles and sart to to come to the front in a matter of days after fixing them. You should seal the tile first after fixing (or before) with Tile Doctor Ultra-seal http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/TD-Ultra-Seal.html, let this dry fuly, then The Tiler can Grout the entire Tiled area. Clean and polish off the grout haze (for a fully waterproof and flexible interior/ exterior grout try Mapei Ultra-colour http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Mapei-Grout-Shop.asp) Once clean and Grout has dried for 24 hours, give the Tiles and grout an extra coat of Ultra-seal, 1 of the 946ml bottles will cover between 40m2 to 60m2 (depending on porosity) Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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