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Streaky Finish after cleaning

Asked by margaret from Cambridge: I clean the floor with a Bissel Steam Mop, using plain water. The floor always looks streaky after washing and needs to be buffed dry - which is time consuming. Any other cleaning ideas for a streak free finish? thank you

gpslancaster says: Porcelain doesn't require a steam cleaner like the one you are using, suggest you use an easier method such as the 2 bucket system, which basically means you need two buckets and 1 mop, apply a cap full of Til Doctor Neutral Cleaner to the 1st bucket fill this with warm water, apply this to a floor with a beaker (not the Mop) and mop the floor, use the second bucket for the excess waste and never let the Mop come into contact with the first Bucket )the clean bucket) This way you don't get the streaky finish and a properly mopped floor to boot. Full instructions on the Video below. http://youtu.be/v6pbPRlgL8g Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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