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Lost sheen

Asked by Nic Conroy from Harrogate: I recently renovated the original vistorian hall floor iwth your products and sealed with seal and go. However 6 months on the sheen has gone. Should I apply another coat? Do I need to clean any old sealer off? I'm also planning on using the grey and red quarry tiles as a patio outdoors - can you recomend which products I should use to clean and seal for outdoor use? Thanks. Nic

TileProf says: Best to keep topping up the sealer on Victorian Tiles as their face will be a bit worn and may not hold a sealer for long, generally clean first in the Morning and then leave until night time before you apply 1 more coat of Seal and Go, then go to bed and let it dry and it will be fine for walking on in the Morning. You can use the same Products for cleaning as you did before, I.E Pro-clean Nano-clean etc, but I wouldn't seal outside as they can be slippy when wet and the sealer cant cope with our Temperature ranges in Summer and in Winter and the constant rain throughout the Winter Months. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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