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Stains on Terracotta

Asked by Sara from Bradford: hi, i have recently moved in my new house, and have a terracotta ceramic large tiles in my conservatory. it has large white stains patches which i have bin told was from a steam cleaner which was giving out 100 degrees hot steam which was pressed drirectly on tiles. previous owners were trying to take off paint. i have tried to take out stain using grout remover from tiles r us, but no joy. is there any coating or anything i can do to bring back its own colour. thnx

TileProf says: Thanks for the e-mail, Terra-cotta is not easy to clean are due to its highly porous nature, you would need Buffing machines Black Pads and a Wet Vac Machine before you can get a result. If you require a Tile Doctor to do this for you, click onto www.tiledoctor.co.uk and head for the Home Visit map on the Right Hand side and fill in your details, we can then foreward this onto to your nearest Trained Tile Doctor

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