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dots on tile surface trap dirt

Asked by Stephanie from berkshire: There are some small dots on the surface of my tiles where the dirt gets trapped and so tiles look like they have some black speckles on them. This doesn't come off with mopping but i can get it off if I get on my hands and knees and scrub with a scrubbing brush. I do happen to have a buffing machine (XL480 Floorboy) which has 30cm diameter disc that we attach to the bottom. They look very like the buffing pads/burnishing pads you have for sale. What is the difference between the buffing and burnishing pads? I wonder if you have any pad which I could use wet and would act like a scrubbing brush to get into the little tiny dots? Any help and advice would be appreciated.

TileProf says: Hi Stephanie, Burnishing pads are for Stone polishing really, buffing pads are for Ceramic and Porcelain, I would use a Black pad and try some Pro-clean, make a mix of this up < 1 to 10 > with warm water and scrub it in , this should do the job, you could do with getting a wet vac as well, but a mop and bucket will get you there. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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