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hand made old lime stone floor

Asked by Menachem Mehadipur from Israel: Hi, I live in an old house and have an old lime stone floor. unfortunatly,the floor was buried under soil that penitrated those little depressions in the stone. All my effort to clean till now were unsuccessful. Is there any stuff that can solve and take away these hardened soil in the low and unreachable part of the stone? Thanks in advance and regards, Menachem!

TileProf says: Hi Menechem, Not sure whats available to you in Israel, we cant send anything out to you now due to new E.U legisaltion regarding Chemical Transprortation, this is to counteract any possible Terrorist threat but its also cocked up sending anything outside of the U.K as well. As such you will have to source a Sealer stripper in your country and apply this to your Limestone leave it to soak in for about an hour , if it starts to dry out add more product then after the elapsed time scrub and rinse the floor and then use a wall paper steamer to loosen the stuck dirt and use a Wet Vac to suck up the remaining dirt stuck in your Tiles. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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