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streaking no shine

Asked by michelle woods from irelanf: Hi we are using granite friendly cleaning solution but its leavin a residue and tiles are left streaking and no shine still look dirty???? They were sealed wen installed can u help.

TileProf says: Hi Michelle, Sounds like overkill on the sealer and cleaner, we dont actually recommned sealing Granite as it is virtually waterproof and distratcs from the polish effect as very little sealer entres the Tiles and the rst is left on the surface causing streakiness. It just be your overusing the special cleaner and this is casuing a build up, to test this simply get a slightly damp sponge and then wipe the Tile a few time with this and thrn polish with a towel if you find the shine comes back then this is your answer. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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