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Mold on grout in shower

Asked by Rachel chapman from Milton Keynes: I have limestone tiles in my shower room and mould has started to grow on the grout. Which cleaning product should I use?

TileProf says: Hi Rachel, Dont have good news for you, here Limestone is a very soft sedimentary stone and as such can be very porous, once mould gets in it is impossible to remove it chemically, it can be grinded out with diamond discs, but this depends how deep the mould has gone in. To matian Limestone showers you need to make sure the sealer is always topped up, once a year should do it, but also use a Neutrlaiser like Aqua-pro as your shower cleaner as mostly all the shampoos, and body washes can damage a sealer ovver a 12 month period due to the fact that they are mostly acidic. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Aqua-Pro-Tile-Cleaner.asp Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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